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Structural characteristics
The ball and the linear rail make rolling movements by contacting four points on a half circle with 2 rows. This is done at a 45° angle while maintaining momentum with compression weights, stress weights, and side weights (infinite movement).
Prevention of Ball Slippage
The ball support retainer is mounted in the linear block to prevent the ball from slipping and facilitate smooth replacement of the blocks/rails.
Perfect Design and Low Noise/Lubrication
Integration of the ball circulation and the block guide achieves perfect design. Engineered plastic material is used to support low noise operation of the linear block and smooth supply of lubricant.
New technology development for soft movement
Infinite ball circulation is achieved through integration of the return piece and the blow guide. The resulting linear block can make soft movements in any condition, such as vertical or horizontal.
Excellent Anti-corrosion
The linear rail and the block are made of stainless steel that is highly resistant against corrosion and acid. This material is widely used to produce high precision machines such as semiconductor devices, medical equipment, tester, printing machine, and sewing machines.