SJ Global is the leading manufacturer in the world miniature linear guides market, Pioneer in miniature linear guides production. Creating the best quality products with innovative technology.
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  • Introduction to Research Center
SJ Global's research center is designed to develop new products and technology. Through our advanced research, we became the first in Korea to successfully develop an ultra small, high accuracy, and heavy loadable miniature linear guide in a horizontal/vertical way with the linear block integration return piece design. The guide can maintain optimal rolling movement and minimize the number of balls slipping when the block and the rail are separated. The application of stainless steel material enabled us to develop products optimized for corrosion and environmental resistance. Up until now, we have successfully developed SJ 09,12,15 long types, SJL 09,12,15, and wide type SJW 09,12,15. As the trend of miniaturization continues to grow in the field of semiconductor devices, measurement instruments, and IT devices at home and overseas, we are trying to develop ultra-small miniature guides, SBM07,05. We are now positioned as No. 1 leader in the field of high precision/speed straight line movement systems.